Thursday, May 5, 2011

Skate Board Kids

During the past few weeks with help of the nice weather I have enjoyed going out and spotting things that excite me artistically!  I went to "The Lakes", which is near the Wachovia Center and off of South Broad Street.  I was just out enjoying the weather and taking a walk when I noticed the skateboarders enjoying the weather as well.  I come here often, but this particular day inspired me to consider incorporating the art of the graffiti in an upcoming photo-shoot.  Small moments like this make me really appreciate art in the city of Philly and the small moments and people who contribute to it.

Peace and Love to the Skateboard Kids!!

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Collectable Vintage Rings

Collectable Vintage Rings

My Styled Vintage Pieces

I played together with some vintage pieces from my wardrobe and did a small photo-shoot in my house just for fun!! Most of the pieces are vintage thrift store finds and others are pieces from popular retail stores like Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 and Target. Jewelry is all designed by me!! View & Enjoy!!

Vintage dress
This dress is a thrift-store find. My earrings and rings are self made.

This denim jacket, shirt, necklace and luggage are all thrift-store finds. Earrings and rings are self made.

Pink denim shorts are thrift-store finds.