Monday, February 6, 2012

These are from Lizzi and Kay's Era

From those who don't know... My blog name, design name and Brand is named after my 2 Grandmothers.  Lizzi (Elizabeth Lewis) passed away when I was 17yrs old.  Kay (Kay Francis Nunley) is still living and is 75years old.

My inspiration steams from them both!  My Grandmom Lizzi was a seamstress and a neat, well dressed woman!  Kay inspired me through vintage pieces that were given to me from her at a young age.  My Grandmom Kay was the first person to take me thrift store shopping when I was a little girl.  From then I fell in love with anything Vintage!!  When I go to my Grandmom Kay's house I can always count on leaving with a new pair of earrings, an old broach of hers, bag/clutch, etc.  I have a habit of going straight to her room and asking "Is there anything you don't want Grandmom"?

These are images that remind me of them!


  1. This is a nice story behind your blog! And the names flow together well so that's a plus. My two grandmothers are named Beulah and Lynda. Yeah.... :D

  2. Audrey!
    she's the best
    nice meeting you at IFB Con
    & running into you later!
    you have to let me know when you come back to NYC


Collectable Vintage Rings

Collectable Vintage Rings

My Styled Vintage Pieces

I played together with some vintage pieces from my wardrobe and did a small photo-shoot in my house just for fun!! Most of the pieces are vintage thrift store finds and others are pieces from popular retail stores like Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 and Target. Jewelry is all designed by me!! View & Enjoy!!

Vintage dress
This dress is a thrift-store find. My earrings and rings are self made.

This denim jacket, shirt, necklace and luggage are all thrift-store finds. Earrings and rings are self made.

Pink denim shorts are thrift-store finds.