Monday, February 6, 2012

These are from Lizzi and Kay's Era

From those who don't know... My blog name, design name and Brand is named after my 2 Grandmothers.  Lizzi (Elizabeth Lewis) passed away when I was 17yrs old.  Kay (Kay Francis Nunley) is still living and is 75years old.

My inspiration steams from them both!  My Grandmom Lizzi was a seamstress and a neat, well dressed woman!  Kay inspired me through vintage pieces that were given to me from her at a young age.  My Grandmom Kay was the first person to take me thrift store shopping when I was a little girl.  From then I fell in love with anything Vintage!!  When I go to my Grandmom Kay's house I can always count on leaving with a new pair of earrings, an old broach of hers, bag/clutch, etc.  I have a habit of going straight to her room and asking "Is there anything you don't want Grandmom"?

These are images that remind me of them!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Flashback to 2010 Lizzi Kay Lew Collection

Last Summer I debuted a Fall Inspired collection, which was the winner of a Designers and Model Competition. An organization called Lypstick Ladies, found at, organized this show to showcase young designers from the Philadelphia area as well as surrounding areas of the city.

I plan to showcase my Fall/Winter 2011 collection this coming September!! The date for the show is September 17, 2011 at 8pm at 1400. N. American Street Philadelphia, PA 19122.  I hope to gain GREAT exposure from this event and I hope to continue my collections for years to come!

~Lizzi Kay Lew

Monday, July 11, 2011

A Styl'D Life Website Launch!

This past Friday night I had the pleasure to attend a website launch which two of my friends showcased.  This party was to celebrate and view their new website and to also receive feedback from those who attended.  After viewing the new site we were encouraged to write down comments/suggestions about their site.  DeAnna Allen and Diane Godlewski who are the founders of A Styl'D Life have partnered up to create this groundbreaking company which offers unlimited possibilities to embracing an individuals authentic style.  Their newly developed website can be found at  They both can be found on twitter under @Fashion_Made (DeAnna) and @diEMPIRE (Diane).  

There were great features at the party such as their own signature drink, designed t-shirts and a photo-spread of them together, inspiration, and contact information.  In all, their event was a huge success and great turnout!  These girls deserve support for their contribution to the world of fashion and to the world of style.  A Styl'D Life is what they represent!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Artistic People Around the City!

I recently met a cool group of girls this past Sunday at Odunde festival.  Their style was captivating and I had to say something to them!  Their names are Wytia Sade, Kiesha K., and Rita Lynn.  Wytia is an Aspiring Stylist and you can find some of her work on her blog, Kiesha K. is also an Aspiring Stylist and Rita Lynn is a Dancer/Model.  These ladies all have style that I admire!  They also mentioned to me that they soon would see themselves in NYC following their aspirations and I wish them well!  I got a few pics of them together showing their clothing and their jewelry.

Friday, May 27, 2011


It's evident that being a designer, artist, fashion and art lover; your INSPIRATION comes from many different areas.  I myself, look for inspiration and art to speak to me during anything that I am doing.  I view my inspiration as a challenge to tap further into myself.  What do I feel when I witness this inspiration?  How can I use this inspiration to grow?  What can I learn from this inspiration?  But the most do I use this INSPIRATION?

Texture, Color, Design and Patterns are some of the features that attract me and here is a taste of My INSPIRATION!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Skate Board Kids

During the past few weeks with help of the nice weather I have enjoyed going out and spotting things that excite me artistically!  I went to "The Lakes", which is near the Wachovia Center and off of South Broad Street.  I was just out enjoying the weather and taking a walk when I noticed the skateboarders enjoying the weather as well.  I come here often, but this particular day inspired me to consider incorporating the art of the graffiti in an upcoming photo-shoot.  Small moments like this make me really appreciate art in the city of Philly and the small moments and people who contribute to it.

Peace and Love to the Skateboard Kids!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Some of my Favorite Thrift Stores/ Consignment Shops

These are various places where I go to get my vintage pieces and consignment pieces that are located in the city…hope you are able to check them out!!
·         Philadelphia AIDS Thrift located at 514 Bainbridge St., Philadelphia, PA
·         Salvation Army Thrift Store located at 2140 Market St., Philadelphia, PA
·         Buffalo Exchange located at 1713 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, PA
·         Retrospect (consignment/ vintage shop) located at 536 South St. Philadelphia, PA 19147
·         Circle Thrift is located at 1125 S. Broad St., Lower Level
And not only can you find nice vintage pieces in the city, but you can also locate some pretty nice thrift shops/ consignment shops outside of the city.  Neighborhoods like Radnor, PA., Pennsauken, NJ., Collingsdale, PA., etc. are great places to start!! ENJOY!!

Collectable Vintage Rings

Collectable Vintage Rings

My Styled Vintage Pieces

I played together with some vintage pieces from my wardrobe and did a small photo-shoot in my house just for fun!! Most of the pieces are vintage thrift store finds and others are pieces from popular retail stores like Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 and Target. Jewelry is all designed by me!! View & Enjoy!!

Vintage dress
This dress is a thrift-store find. My earrings and rings are self made.

This denim jacket, shirt, necklace and luggage are all thrift-store finds. Earrings and rings are self made.

Pink denim shorts are thrift-store finds.